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Pisa Pools T/A Mayfair Pools and Spas are the agents for one of the largest swimming pool makers in New Zealand, Mayfair Pools. 

Mayfair Pools are one of the largest swimming pool companies in New Zealand, having built over 12,000 swimming pools since 1973.  Check out our online swimming pool gallery and see the quality of our work.  Whether you are building a new swimming pool or renovating an existing swimming pool, you are assured of the quality and expertise that comes with a company that has been building swimming pools for over 40 years. 


Here’s why you should consider a Mayfair Swimming Pool

Pool Dimensions

Any Shape, Any Size, Anywhere, to individual requirement. 


For more efficient skimming, a Mayfair Fibreglass Skimmer with wide throat opening is used.  No face plates on pool face.

Hydrostatic Valve

The Hydrostatic Valve is fitted in the deepest part of the pool, with a long stem surrounded by gravel, instead of in the side wall with no stem. Floor valves work more effectively.

Concrete Floor

Mayfair Pools are constructed on a concrete pad.  This gives a solid feeling to the pool.


Mayfair uses a dry-mix of backfill of 20mpa which goes hard and is porous.


Mayfair pool steps are custom built to individual requirements and filled with concrete; these can be placed anywhere around the pool. 

Concrete Bond Beam

Concrete bond beam surrounds the perimeter of the pool behind the fibreglass rim, to carry pavers.  This is included in the Mayfair Pool price.

Return Jets

Mayfair put at least 4 to 5 return jets in the pool for better circulation.


Only premium equipment is used on Mayfair Pools.

Fibreglass Resin

Mayfair Pools only use 100% vinyl ester premium resins and an extra barrier coat for more protection.

Pool Filling

Mayfair Pools install an automatic top-up tank which is connected to the water supply.