Pool Renovations

When it comes to Swimming Pool Renovations, Mayfair Pools are the pool renovation experts. Whether your old pool has paint problems or is leaking or broken with ground movement, Mayfair Pool builders are specialists in all aspects of swimming pool renovations.
Many swimming pools in New Zealand were built in the 1960’s and 1970’s and with the passing of time, they will require some attention and improvement. A swimming pool makeover is a great option to ensure they are fully functional and can be enjoyed to the fullest.
Mayfair Pools are specialists in full swimming pool renovations and can fibreglass all types of existing swimming pools. Mayfair can offer the sensible, professional solution for renovating or simply modernising an outdated swimming pool.


Concrete Pool Renovations

Pisa Pools are well versed in concrete pool renovations.  The Mayfair Pools technoloy can be used over the concrete pool shell and from there a full renovation of the swimming pool, including choice of swimming pool colour, pool lighting and upgrades to the swimming pool heating and filtration systems to bring your old concrete pool a new lease on life.